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Character Dialogue
Hamm "Quake in despair, yon strangely behatted knight! For I, COUNT VON BRATWURST, have laid a CACOPHONIC CURSE upon this land!"
Woody *sigh...* Are we really doing this... ?
Woody ... Fine. "Desist in your villainy, you... um... villain. For I shall foil your plot, if my name isn't... uh... Sir... Woody?"
Hamm Yeesh. At least TRY to make an effort, pal.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Woody to find the source of the "Curse".
"Find the Source!"
24h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Woody "Forsooth! I have discovered the source of yon cursed cacophony... but the way is... uh... it's blocked. By... a... um..."
Woody "... ... A portcullis!" (That's a gate, right?)
Jessie It sure is! Gosh, Woody, you're gettin' real good at this fantasy improvising.
Woody Thanks, Jessie. Not pretending to be a cowboy is tougher than I thought. And Hamm's airhorn is definitely NOT helping.
Woody How's anyone supposed to hear my lines if I can barely hear myself say them?!