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Character Dialogue
Li Shang I'm so happy we're going to the festival, Mulan! I requisitioned us a case of sesame buns AND seats for the lion dance, so--
Mulan I'm excited too, Shang... but aren't you forgetting something?
Li Shang My dress uniform? Oh, that still isn't back from the tailor, so I had to--
Mulan No: The demonstration we've been working on! I'm looking forward to spending time with you, too -- but first, duty calls!

Happy New Year!

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Mulan to perform in the festival.
"Perform at the Festival"
4h Experience5, Dragon Coins50
Li Shang
Level 5
Send Shang to perform in the festival.
"Perform at the Festival"
Character Dialogue
Mulan Excellent bo-staff form, Captain Li!
Li Shang Thank you! Impeccable marksmanship yourself, Consultant Fa!
Mulan And now that we're off duty again... how about we go enjoy the festival together, Shang?
Li Shang Mulan... Well... that would be great!
Mulan I've got a feeling that this year will bring us a LOT to be thankful for!