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Character Dialogue
Heihei Buk buk buk...
Maui You got that right, Boat Snack. Staying out here on the sidelines is actually pretty relaxing!
Maui Nothing to do but hang out, hype up all the competitors, and wait for the feast to start!
Heihei Buk?
Maui Ohhh YEAH, there's a feast -- and don't tell the humans, but I snuck us a couple appetizers. Gotta keep that figure up, right?

Happy Hour![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Maui and Heihei to enjoy an "appetizer."
"Enjoy an "Appetizer""
2h Experience10, Sand Dollars75
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Heihei Buk.
Maui ... Yeah, I should REALLY stop trying to feed you, shouldn't I. Lesson: learned.
Maui But hey -- this whole New Year's thing isn't really about the food, right? It's about family! Traditions! All that good stuff!
Maui Yeah... good job focusing on the REAL reason we're all celebrating right now, drumstick. I owe ya one!
Heihei ... Buk?
Maui ... OR you don't understand symbolism at all, and you just haven't learned how to eat yet. Yeah.