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Happiness (Happiness) is the main currency to the system of happiness in Disney Magic Kingdoms. It is available after the Creating Happiness! Quest.


Over time, guests will wish for Attractions to ride and character activities to watch.

As your Happiness increases, more visitors will make Wishes.

Once the character activity has been completed, or the guest rides an Attractions, the Wishes will have been fulfilled and Happiness can be collected.

Collect Happiness from completed Wishes to earn better Tokens drops!

Tap the happy faces on the Happiness meter to learn more.

Happiness Levels

Minimum Maximum Decay Rate (1 Happiness) Benefits
Happiness Content 0 20 4h
Happiness Cheerful 20 80 2h +3% to all Token Drops
Happiness Joyous 80 140 60m +6% to all Token Drops
Happiness Ecstatic 140 160 30m +10% to all Token Drops


Daily Rewards Calendar Players were awarded with various amounts of free Happinesss on Day various dates (typically once a week) as part of the Daily Rewards Calendar.