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Character Dialogue
Prince Charming (Snow White) Why... it's Snow White! A beautiful song led me here, and here you are! Just like that first morning at the wishing well...
Snow White Oh... you're too sweet to me! But thank you for calling my singing beautiful... and I'm sure my bird friends are thankful, too!
Prince Charming (Snow White) I could never be too sweet to you, my love... you deserve all the sweetness in the world!
Prince Charming (Snow White) And you animal friends... why, they deserve MY thanks for bringing me to you! Why don't we thank them together?

Happily Ever After[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Snow White
Level 1
Send Snow White and Prince Charming to thank a friend.
"Thank a Friend"
8h[1] Maleficent Coins600 [2], Refresh Token1, Magic10
Prince Charming (Snow White)
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Snow White Ha ha! That was very kind of you, my love! I can tell that my little dove friend is happy you thought of her...
Snow White Oh -- and that she thinks you would be a great help with those funny purple lights, too!
Prince Charming (Snow White) Why, Snow White... How could you tell all that from just a bird song?
Snow White Ha ha! Why... all you have to do is listen!
Snow White Your heart can listen just as well as your ears do, you know...