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Character Dialogue
Scuttle I knew it! All this time, I've been tryin' to get this snarfblatt in tune, and all I had to do was play it upside-down!
Scuttle Think the blood went to my head when I was doin' that loop-de-loop, though. Almost thought I saw Ursula talkin' to herself!
Scuttle ... Waaaaaaait.

Gull's-Eye View[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Scuttle to spy on Ursula in Atlantica.[1]
"Watch Ursula in Atlantica"
2h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
  1. Requires Atlantica
Character Dialogue
Ursula Hahahaaa! This is too easy... just too easy!
Ursula The great Sea King's practically ready to gift-wrap his trident for me... and I didn't even have to lift a tentacle!
Ursula I should've visited this Kingdom AGES ago... The charming old Curse hovering over it is simply divine.
Ursula Who would've thought it'd turn that bratty little princess back into a mermaid FOR me -- and let ME take all the credit!
Scuttle Oh, no... This is-- Well, this is a catterplysm, is what this is! I gotta tell Ariel!