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Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz I admit, I HAD thought of making a surprise appearance at Héctor's show. Then, I could upstage him the old-fashioned way!
Ernesto de la Cruz But as it stands? I can at least protect my public from his RIDICULOUSLY unsophisticated advertisements.
Ernesto de la Cruz Rest assured: They will thank me for this later! ... Or they WOULD, if I were ever going to tell any of them about it.

Guerilla Marketing[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Ernesto de la Cruz
Level 3
Send Ernesto to hide the Posters near the Market.[1]
"Hide the Posters"
60m Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz ¡Bueno! It is done.
Ernesto de la Cruz To paraphrase my script for "El Camino a Casa," I would move Heaven and Earth to make my comeback a reality...
Ernesto de la Cruz Or, in this case, I would move a number of VERY heavy trash bins so that I could put those posters underneath them.
Ernesto de la Cruz ... It isn't an exact metaphor. But one thing is for sure: No one will be coming to that show!