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Character Dialogue
Angel Ih! Achi-baba aka-choota...
(Yes! Friend has to go....)
Angel ... MEEGA aka-choota aka tiki BABA -- boojiboo aka tiki baba!
(I'VE got to go over THERE!! My love is over there!) 
Angel Meeko dagga ingata poju naga naga, "Mr. Bubbles." Shiralli!
(I can catch an experiment without you, "Mr. Bubbles." Watch!")

Guardian Angel[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 2
Send Angel to subdue the robot!
"Subdue the Robot!"
4h Experience5, Galactic Coins50 Stitch's Blaster Token
Character Dialogue
Angel Ogata... Meeko  NAGA dagga ingata poju naga naga.
(Ouch.... I CAN'T catch an experiment without you.)
Angel Soka, boojiboo... Zaghdad dinko te FABBA.
(Sorry, my love... Android, you are FAT.)
Angel Hmm... Meega pasawa jaalba? Saari...?
(Hmm... I see something? Girl...?)
Angel ... Lilo?!