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Character Dialogue
Piglet Oh! W-well, hello, Tigger! What are you doing outside Pooh Bear's house? W-would you like to come in?
Tigger You're goin' in THERE?! With that no-good lily-livered DOPPELTIGGER lurkin' about inside?!
Piglet Why, yes, yes I-- OH, NO!!! W-w-w-w-what's a d-d-doppeltigger?!
Tigger Ohh, he's a craftiferous sort, he is... First laid eyes on him right after I met Pooh Bear. He's like me, y'see... but in reverse!
Tigger ... But never you fear, Piglet old chum -- I was just about to bounce right in there and scare 'im off for good!!!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Tigger and Piglet into Pooh's House.[1]
"Off to Pooh's House"
8h Experience5, Magic100[2]
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Tigger (Is he gone...?)
Piglet I-I think he is, Tigger! You can c-come out of that gorse-bush now...
Tigger Like I was sayin' -- the NERVE of that guy! All rearin' up and growlin' at me, just as I was gettin' ready to pounce...
Piglet Y-yes... uh... about that. Are you sure that doppeltigger wasn't just a m-m-mir--
Tigger You said it, Piglet! That doppeltigger was a miserable mischief-making miscreant if I ever saw one!
Tigger I'll get him next time for sure -- even if I have to bounce him clear into next week!