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Character Dialogue
Pete Goofy! What's going on?! There's more kids than ever. It's loud. It's cheery. And it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!
Pete About time I got those kids outta here, once and for all!
Goofy Ya know, Pete, you'd be happier if you'd stop complaining and start smiling. The Kingdom's supposed to be cheerful!
Goofy And besides, I'm not gonna let you throw our friends out!
Pete Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?

Goofy the Brave[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Pete Send up to 3 characters to Stand up to Pete!
Various Experience5, Magic100

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 4
Goofy: Play Tuba Concerto 60m Experience7, Magic40
Mickey Mouse
Level 3
Mickey Mouse: Attack Pete with Noise 60m Experience7, Magic40
Level 1
Pluto: Bark at Pete 60m Experience7, Magic40

Character Dialogue
Pete ENOUGH! Enough! I can't stand that racket anymore!
Goofy Then I hope you're ready to stop bein' mean to our friends and start helpin' us rebuild the Kingdom.
Pete I'll do anything if you just stop playing that music.
Pete Well, anything except help.


  • Changes The number of times characters are required changed from 12 to 5 with Up Event Update on 9th August 2022.