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Character Dialogue
Eudora Almost forgot: I promised Tiana I'd head down to the old French market by the river today...
Eudora They have a special brand of coffee she likes... I think she got the taste for it back when she used their cans as piggy banks.
Eudora She doesn't work 'round the clock anymore, of course -- but we still share a cup in the morning now and then, like old times.
Eudora Well: I'd best get to shopping, then. I've got a few errands of my own to run, too!

Good Morning![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Eudora to go shopping near the Emporium.[1]
"Shop near the Emporium"
8h Experience5, Magic100[2]
Character Dialogue
Eudora Hah! I knew it was worth walking down past the streetcar line on my way out...
Eudora There's a street pianist usually set up there who still plays the old ragtime hits... I always like to stop and listen a while.
Eudora Tiana always rolls her eyes when I say it, but I'd still pick Joplin over Armstrong most days of the week!
Eudora The coffee I understand, but the music she listens to these days... well, that took getting used to.