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Character Dialogue
Nick Wilde "So, Nick!" I hear you saying. "If you're so great at this whole 'cop' thing, why're you wearing street clothes on the job?"
Nick Wilde Two words: "undercover work." Z.P.D. figures I'm keyed in enough to the city's less savory elements that I'm a natural at it.
Nick Wilde So they farm me out to Vice, the Fraud Squad, what have you; I pretend to be my old self to some criminals... boom! Reel 'em in.
Nick Wilde I'm actually working a case right now: bunch of mole rats hawking phony fur growth tonic. Don't blow my cover, okay?

Goin' Incognito[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Nick Wilde
Level 1
Send Nick to scope out his suspects -- undercover.
"Go Incognito"
2h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Nick Wilde Well, THAT went over about as well as a giraffe in a limbo contest...
Nick Wilde So, pro tip: If you're gonna go undercover, consider NOT doing one of those elementary school meet 'n' greets a week before.
Nick Wilde Turns out? Those mole rat con artists have a LOT of kids.
Nick Wilde I mean, I'm glad I was memorable enough for them to tell their parents how great I was! But they could've been less specific.
Nick Wilde At least the perps yelled "It's Nick the Friendly Policefox!" as they ran for it. I AM friendly!