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Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear Hola, mi florecilla del desierto!
Jessie Gosh Buzz, that sounds real pretty, but I gotta focus on getting the REAL you back.
Buzz Lightyear Bailamos, mi flor!
Jessie I think that means you want me to dance? Well, when you say it that way... Sure!

Give In to the Rhythm[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Buzz Lightyear
Level 2
Send Jessie to tango with Buzz.
"Time to Tango!"
6h Experience15, Magic100
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Jessie Gee Buzz, I've never danced like that before.
Woody Jessie, I thought you were going to focus on fixing Buzz.
Jessie I am. I promise. It's just... I kinda like Buzz's Spanish mode.
Jessie Aw, all that Spanish sure does sound romantic.