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Character Dialogue
Honeymaren It's been so exciting to meet someone like Elsa... I've never met anyone who possesses magic!
Honeymaren I'd love to show her all the beauty of the woods -- all the sights, smells, and tastes...
Honeymaren I know -- I'll gather her a basket of forest-y delights. Like, a little welcome gift! This'll be fun...!

Gift for a Gal Pal[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Honeymaren to gather treats in the Forest.[1]
"Gather in the Forest"
6h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Enchanted Forest
  2. The rewards were Experience5, Arendelle Shields50 during Into the Mist Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Honeymaren Mmm -- oh, that smells so nice! I can't wait to show Elsa...
Honeymaren And then -- who knows? -- maybe she'll make me an Arendelle basket out of ice!