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Character Dialogue
C-3PO It hardly bears mentioning, but I suppose my prior mission to provide reconnaissance on this region IS still active...
C-3PO ... Not that there's very much I can do to fulfill it at present.
C-3PO Why, with all of this mysterious interference about, I can hardly stray from this location at all!

Getting Colder...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
C-3PO Clear away more Atmospheric Interference. 24h Experience10, Magic100
Clear Curse?
Character Dialogue
C-3PO Yes... I do believe my best course of action is to remain here. ... In charted territory. ... Where I am absolutely SURE it's safe.
C-3PO ... Oh, dear.
C-3PO Ah... That is, I... I suppose my reconnaissance mission requires me to investigate THAT new sector as well... doesn't it?
C-3PO Despite the local temperature being... rather distressingly low...
C-3PO I KNEW I should have asked Artoo to weatherproof my exterior plating...