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Character Dialogue
Banzai Us hyenas get a bad rap 'cause of how we "took over the Pride Lands" and "tried to kill Simba a bunch of times," or whatever...
Banzai But if you ask me, Shenzi, Ed and me are the GOOD guys! There's WAY worse hyenas out there!
Banzai Like, there was this ONE guy, from this OTHER clan? I think he was my cousin's mate's brother... Anyway, he... heh... He... hahaaaa...
Banzai ...Pfffttt! Okay, okay, I PROMISE I've told this story before, but it's just so... So... HahahaHAAAA...! Just... gimme a minute, okay?

Get to the Point![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Banzai to attempt to tell the story.
"Attempt to Tell the Story"
8h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Banzai Heheheh... Phew! Okay... Okay. So, this guy, he hears his clan signed up to follow Scar, all right? And what does this joker do...?
Banzai Get this: He LEAVES the clan with a LOT of his friends.. sayin' they're gonna do somethin' called "passive resistance" instead!
Banzai HAHAHAAAHAHA!!! I mean, how does that even WORK?! The only way I know how to resist anything is by eating it!
Banzai Yeah. Uh... so if you want to see what a REALLY messed-up hyena looks like, y'know... Look at THAT guy!
Banzai (All talkin' about "not wanting to be party to an unjust cause..." HA! Crazy!)