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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q How're ya doin', little guy? The other animals just told me the news... Boy, I'm real sorry your ma's laid up.
Dumbo ...
Timothy Q Sprained trunk, right? Aaah, happens to the best of us. Well -- those of us who GOT trunks, anyhow.
Timothy Q Tell ya what: Why don't we figure out some way to help her get well again! Bet that'll make you feel better, too.
Dumbo !

Get Well Soon[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Dumbo and Timothy to discuss Mrs. Jumbo.
"Discuss Mrs. Jumbo"
6h Experience5, Magic100
Timothy Q
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Now, the best thing for sprains is just restin' up -- and of course, it never hurts to drink plenty of fluids, either!
Timothy Q Why don't we go get her a nice bucket of water, Dumbo? I'm sure she'd like that.
Dumbo ?
Timothy Q Yeah, yeah, just so long as it's not the bucket from next to the clowns' tent. We don't wanna put NOBODY through that again.
Dumbo !