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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Okay! If I have my family's blessing... I think I can actually do this!
Miguel Rivera I think I'll play in the plaza here, like Papá Héctor did... but not right away. I have to get my audience more excited first!
Miguel Rivera I wonder if Héctor was ever his own opening act...? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I'm about to be mine.

Get Psyched![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Miguel Rivera
Level 4
Send Miguel to hype up his audience.
"Hype Up His Audience"
60m Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Yeah! That's a lot better. Just having one good idea can really change how you play!
Miguel Rivera I just wish there were more of me TO play... I've only got one guitar -- and it's acoustic!
Miguel Rivera Wait... That's it! I need to find more musicians to play with!
Miguel Rivera I bet there's lots of them around... Sometimes, you find performers where you don't expect it at all!