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Gems (Gems) are used to purchase premium attractions, welcome premium characters, and speed up different activities in the Kingdom!

Earn Gems by collecting Kingdom and character level-up rewards, collecting Calendar Rewards, watching videos, finding them in Bronze Chests, and more!

You can also purchase Gems from the Currency Shop. Access the shop by tapping the (+) icon next to the Gems meter at the top of the screen.

All players begin the game with Gems1.

Limited Time Sales

Players are often presented with Gems promotions, which can save them up to 50% on Gem Packs. These sales generally only last a day or two.

Promotion Date
Summer Sale 18th June - 8th July

Promotion Date
Black Friday Sale 25h - 28th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 27th December

Promotion Date
Summer Sale 28th June - ? July
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December

Promotion Date
Spring Sale 31st March - 3rd April

Promotion Date
Australia Day Sale 25th - 28th January
Lunar New Year Sale 27th - 30th January
Be Our Guest Event Sale 24th - 27th March
Earth Day Sale 21st - 24th April
Circle of Life Event Sale 28th - 31st July
A Whole New World Event Sale 8th - 11th September
Black Friday Sale 23rd - 26th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December

Promotion Date
The Incredibles Event Sale 27th June
Independence Day Sale 4th July
Back to School Sale 2nd - 4th September
This Is Halloween Event Sale 30th October - 1st November
Black Friday Sale 25th - 28th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December


  • *Calendar Rewards Players were awarded with various amounts of free Gemss as part of the Calendar Rewards if they logged in on the various dates (typically once a week).
  • When a limited event ends, the special event currency is converted to gems using the following conversion rates always rounding down but guaranteeing at least Gems1:
    • The Tower Challenge Events: Maleficent Coins4,000 : Gems1
    • Regular Events: Incredibles Currency2,000 : Gems1