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Character Dialogue
Ralph Okay... I'm going in.
Ralph If I don't come out in a while... I guess I've gotta hope some player out there calls one of those tech support hotlines.
Ralph Or... uh... posts "Help, Ralph was probably run over by an acid-spitting monster truck" online?
Ralph I dunno -- its' dangerous in there!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send "Ralph.fxit" to "Task.GoSlaughterRace."[1]
6h Experience5, Hearts50
  1. Requires Slaughter Race
Character Dialogue
Ralph Oh my gosh... Kid!!! THERE you are!
Vanellope Ralph! Aw... it's good to see you, too, stench vessel! What took you so long? I ran through all my idle animations FOREVER ago!
Ralph Well, I didn't think you'd be HERE... I've been looking all over for you, and THIS is the best place you can find to camp out?
Vanellope Oh, don't be such a big baby. With that virus running around, Slaughter Race was the safest place I could think of!
Vanellope I haven't even been flamethrowered at in THREE WHOLE MINUTES.
Ralph ... Okay, we're gonna have this conversation LATER. Right now, we've got a virus to wreck!