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Character Dialogue
LeFou So... uh... I guess all those guys from the castle turned back into clocks and hat-racks and mops and stuff again?
LeFou Which is... not good. They still don't like me much from when I KIND of accidentally led an angry mob into their boss's house.
LeFou I figured once the curse was broken, it'd be easy to see 'em coming, so I could stay out of their way. But now...
LeFou Uh... Now, they could look like ANYTHING. And most of 'em have got pointy bits. Or are on FIRE. So... uh... heh. Not good.

Furniture's Revenge?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send LeFou to keep watch for enchanted objects.
"Keep Watch"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
LeFou Okay! I THINK I'm gonna get outta this without getting poked by any scissors or burnt up by any stoves, this time!
LeFou I had this LONG talk with one of those guys about how the whole "torches and pitchforks" thing wasn't my fault, and...
LeFou ... Oh, wait. That was just a regular bench, wasn't it.
LeFou I thought it was just a REALLY good listener!