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Character Dialogue
Elizabeth Swann Will! I know where Jack's ship is -- Calypso told me the heading!
Will Turner She did? That's wonderful, Elizabeth! But we must hurry -- or Barbossa may beat us to it!

Full Sail![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Pirates of the Caribbean.[1] 12h Experience60, Magic500
  1. Requires Tia Dalma Level 2
Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa ARRRHAHAHARRR! The ship is mine -- and I be CAPTAIN Barbossa once more! I--
Captain Barbossa Oh. Master Turner. You DO have an unfortunate habit of turnin' up unexpected, don't ye.
Will Turner You could say that. But as I arrived here first... if you want this ship, I'd suggest you take it up with CAPTAIN Sparrow.
Captain Barbossa I may not like your tone, me lad... but you DO have the loveliest ideas.
Captain Barbossa Fightin' Jack's far more satisfyin' than fightin' Turner. We've a history, he and I...

See also[]

  • The story continues in Old Frenemies, but since Jack Sparrow is a premium character, the remaining quests in the Pirates story are Side Quests.