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Character Dialogue
Alice The very idea that I should join another one of the Queen's croquet tournaments...
Alice Why, after what happened to me the last time, I'd be lucky to keep my head attached to my shoulders!
Alice Still... Mr. Caterpillar DID say that it was mandatory. So perhaps the Queen would be just as cross with me if I DIDN'T attend...
Alice Perhaps I'll just... watch from the sidelines. That couldn't possibly offend anyone... could it?

From a Distance[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Alice to spectate in the Golden Afternoon.[1]
"Watch in the Golden Afternoon"
2h Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Character Dialogue
Alice Good heavens! Well, my being there may not have upset the Queen... but the Queen certainly upset me! More than usual, I mean.
Alice Not only is she still using those poor hedgehogs, flamingoes, and playing cards as croquet equipment...
Alice ...why, she's coerced the rest of her subjects into doing the same!
Alice If the Mome Raths don't like being stepped on, I doubt they're enjoying acting as croquet flags either... I certainly wouldn't.
Alice I'm rather used to nonsense by now -- but even I have my limits. And this goes quite beyond them!