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Frogs (Frogs) are NPC's released with Lilo & Stitch Event Update on 18th April 2018.


Frogs are amphibious creatures known to live on the island of Kauai in the American state of Hawaii. Stitch is friends to these creatures and is known to defend them from other invasive forces who threaten him and his friends.


The Kingdom has been invaded by an army of Frogs!
Frogs have begun appearing in the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to clear them in order to earn rewards.

Collect Tokens and Select a Hero to Defeat the Frogs!
Critter Container and Critter Net tokens are required in order for a character to defeat the Frogs. These tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Collect Pua Melia Flower Tokens!
After defeating a Frog, a Pua Melia Flower Token will drop. Use the Pua Melia Flower Token to welcome and level up Lilo & Stitch characters!

Frogs return until the Event ends!
Frogs will continue to appear in the Kingdom until the end of the event. Catch as many as possible!


Frogs can be defeated by Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pleakley, Nani, Cobra Bubbles, and Jumba once the quest Ribbit! is unlocked, by using the Critter Container Token (Critter Container Token) and Critter Net Token (Critter Net Token) tokens.

A Stitch-y Situation Event 2018
Quest Requirements Spawn Rate Time Rewards
Ribbit! [1] Critter Container Token2, Critter Net Token2 6 every 90 minutes 2m [2] Experience1, Galactic Coins25, Pua Melia Flower Token1
  1. This quest is available throughout the event.
  2. 45s with Pleakley & Jumba