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Character Dialogue
Oogie Boogie I'm callin' you OUT, Jack! Ain't NOBODY scarier than the Boogie Man, and it's 'bout time everyone KNOWS it!
Jack Skellington Interesting... Are you challenging me to an Official Scare-Off? Because if so... I ACCEPT!
Jack Skellington Be as terrifying as you're able, Oogie... and may the spine-chillingest specter win!

Fright vs. Fright[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Oogie Boogie
Level 10
Send Oogie and Jack to have an Official Scare-Off.
"Scary Boss Scare-Off"
6h Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
Jack Skellington
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Let's see... I opened with an Overhand Cambodian Ultra-Startle, segueing into an Anticlockwise Bloodcurdler's Gambit...
Jack Skellington And you... tried to eat one of the spectators when you thought I wasn't looking.
Jack Skellington I don't care WHAT edition of the Official Scare-Off Manual you're using... That disqualifies you in ALL of them!
Oogie Boogie WHAT?! I was robbed! ROBBED, I tell ya!
Oogie Boogie ... How about best two outta three?