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Character Dialogue
Fred Que pasa, Hiro my man! ... That's French for "I'm back," by the way.
Fred My folks flew me back to the mainland! Something about a breach at the family tiger preserve? I'unno. Anyway! What's shakin'?
Hiro Fred! That's not how you say... Never mind! I need your help distracting Baymax so I can stop him from destroying the city!
Fred GASP! Baymax turned evil? Is this a brainwashing scenario, an evil clone scenario, or... Know what? Talk later, fire-blast now!

Fourth of His Name[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Fred to help out with Baymax.
"Help Out with Baymax"
4h Experience5, Medical Chips50 Electronic Chip Token1
Character Dialogue
Fred Okay, Hiro: I've given it some thought, and I'm PRETTY sure this isn't Baymax's evil twin. He doesn't even have a goatee! I--
Hiro That's great, Fred -- but I'm REALLY busy right now. Gotta fix this... Gotta fix this...!
Fred Whoa... That's some single-minded dedication to superheroics you've got there, my dude. I respect that!
Fred Well, if you ever need more help saving Baymax from that mummy's curse, you just say the word!
Fred I'm just kidding -- mummies' curses don't exist. That's DEFINITELY a mirror-universe doppelganger!