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... Maybe someone could carry me there?

Forky is a premium character released with Toy Story 4 Update on 21st May 2019, and is a part of the Toy Story character collection.


Forky is a character from the Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story 4. He is a made-up toy created by Bonnie. Although he is one, he declares that he's not a toy.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Gems 500
Instant No
Level 2 Pixar Ball Token 5
Pixar Ball Tokens
A Toy Token 2
A Toy Tokens
Forky Ears Hat Token 2
Forky Ears Hat Tokens
Magic 5,000
36s Gems1, Experience5
Level 3 Pixar Ball Token 10 A Toy Token 4 Forky Ears Hat Token 3 Magic 7,500 6m Gems1, Experience6
Level 4 Pixar Ball Token 15 A Toy Token 7 Forky Ears Hat Token 5 Magic 11,250 35m Gems1, Experience7
Level 5 Pixar Ball Token 20 A Toy Token 10 Forky Ears Hat Token 7 Magic 14,650 60m Gems2, Experience8
Level 6 Pixar Ball Token 25 A Toy Token 15 Forky Ears Hat Token 10 Magic 19,050 2h Gems2, Experience9
Level 7 Pixar Ball Token 30 A Toy Token 20 Forky Ears Hat Token 13 Magic 24,750 4h Gems3, Experience10
Level 8 Pixar Ball Token 35 A Toy Token 25 Forky Ears Hat Token 16 Magic 32,200 8h Gems3, Experience11
Level 9 Pixar Ball Token 40 A Toy Token 30 Forky Ears Hat Token 20 Magic 41,850 16h Gems3, Experience12
Level 10 Pixar Ball Token 50 A Toy Token 35 Forky Ears Hat Token 25 Magic 54,400 24h Gems5, Experience13

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
2 Play with Others
* Al's Toy Barn
60m Experience7, Magic40 Pixar Ball Token
4 Find Trash Can
* Star Adventurer
2h Experience10, Magic75
1 Activity with Visual Animation What Am I? 4h Experience13, Magic110 Forky Ears Hat Token Ducky Ears Hat Token Bunny Ears Hat Token
3 Learn from Other Toys
* Slinky Dog Dash
4h Experience13, Magic110 Toy Saddle Token Mowgli's Basket Token Alberto Ears Hat Token
6 Activity with Visual Animation Trash? Woody
Lvl 6
6h Experience20, Magic210
5 Explore a Carnival
* Jessie's Snack Roundup
8h Experience20, Magic200 Carrot Pen Token
8 Listening to Stories
* Star Adventurer
Buzz Lightyear
Lvl 8
8h Experience25, Magic270
7 Lessons about Being a Toy
* Star Adventurer
Lvl 7
12h Experience37, Magic370
10 Helping Out Another
* Al's Toy Barn
Bo Peep
Lvl 10
24h Experience57, Magic500

Forky Storyline

Side Quest Sweet Mystery of Life (4h)
Side Quest Who Am I? (8h)
Side Quest Distract-a-Spork (12h)
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