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Character Dialogue
Snow White There! The squirrels have brought some nice vegetables and the deer have found some apples...
Snow White ... So I should have all the ingredients I need.
Snow White Oh, I can't wait to see the smiles on my friends' faces!

Forest Friends Foraging[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Snow White
Level 3
Send Snow White to the Cottage to finish supper.[1]
"Make a Dinner"
6h Experience5, Grimhilde Coins50
Character Dialogue
Snow White Supper's ready! I've made all your favorites!
Sneezy *SNIFFFFFF* Gosh! It sure smells wuh-- wuh--
Snow White *giggle* Why, Sneezy! I suppose that's how I know you approve.
Snow White Oh dear, unless it means I used too much pepper in the soup.