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Character Dialogue
Mamá Imelda Knowing that scoundrel de la Cruz, I will never be able to find out what he is planning just by talking to him.
Mamá Imelda (In part, because I can't bear to look at his INFURIATINGLY smug face without wanting to hit it with my boot...)
Mamá Imelda No: I will have to investigate this on my own! And when I find proof of his misdeeds...
Mamá Imelda ... Well! I'll still have my boot THEN, won't I?

For the Family![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mamá Imelda
Level 1
Send Imelda to investigate Ernesto's plans.
"Investigate His Plans"
4h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Mamá Imelda HA! I knew it! All of our promotional flyers -- gone, before we even had the chance to put them up!
Mamá Imelda It's not enough for that swaggering oaf de la Cruz to ruin my family's good name -- no! Apparently, he has to ruin POSTERS, too!
Mamá Imelda He may have the musical talent of a hat rack with a face painted on it, but sabotage seems to be the one thing he IS good at...
Mamá Imelda Well: I will not let him carry his scheme any further. The Rivera family honor is at stake!