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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q You know one of the swell things about managing a world-shakin' entertainment phenomenon like Dumbo? I'm workin' for peanuts!
Timothy Q No, not like "I ain't gettin' paid enough." Like "I get paid in LITERAL peanuts." It's in my contract and everything!
Timothy Q Boy, I've come a long way from the old days... scrabblin' in the stands for popcorn, never knowin' when my next meal was comin'...
Timothy Q That's why I still keep a peanut or three under my hat, even these days! Can't go forgettin' my roots, you know?

For Old Times' Sake[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Timothy Q
Level 2
Send Timothy to have a snack.
"Have a Snack"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Timothy Q (...Phew!) Well, how about that? Either I got soft since makin' it big, or they started makin' peanut shells harder!
Timothy Q Guess that's one way of makin' sure I don't get a swelled head. Even big shots've gotta use a nutcracker every now and then!
Timothy Q On the other hand... maybe I should just spring for that pre-shelled honey-roasted kind next time.