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Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter If I were my thoughts, where would I be... If I were my thoughts, where would I be?
Mad Hatter Now this is a puzzler... How am I supposed to think of where my thoughts are when I don't have any thoughts to think with?
Mad Hatter Maybe I can find somebody ELSE'S thoughts to help me find mine... But whose? And wheres? I'm confused.

Flowers for Hours[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Golden Afternoon.[1] 2h Experience5, Queen Coins50
  1. Requires Mad Hatter Level 2
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter OF COURSE! The flowers! Why didn't I think of that before?
Mad Hatter Flowers make tea, you see, and my thoughts are ALWAYS full of tea, so it follows that flowers have my thoughts! That's logic.
Mad Hatter Flowers only make CHAMOMILE tea, though, so maybe they only have my chamomile-iest thoughts...
Mad Hatter Now I'm confused again.