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Flower is a character released with Bambi, The Tower Challenge Update on 30th May 2018, and is a part of the Bambi character collection.


Flower is a skunk and the tritagonist in Disney's 1942 animated feature film, Bambi.

Flower is very coy and soft-spoken, often blushing and hiding himself with his tail, especially in response to affection. He is also friendly and is never shown to have negative outlook on things, with the exception of Friend Owl's description of falling in love.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Gems 450
Instant No
Level 2 Autumn Leaves Token 5
Autumn Leaves Tokens
Flower Token 4
Flower Tokens
Flower Ears Hat Token 3
Flower Ears Hat Tokens
Magic 2,000
36s Gems1, Experience10
Level 3 Autumn Leaves Token 10 Flower Token 6 Flower Ears Hat Token 4 Magic 3,000 6m Gems1, Experience12
Level 4 Autumn Leaves Token 15 Flower Token 8 Flower Ears Hat Token 6 Magic 4,500 35m Gems1, Experience14
Level 5 Autumn Leaves Token 20 Flower Token 12 Flower Ears Hat Token 10 Magic 5,850 60m Gems2, Experience17
Level 6 Autumn Leaves Token 25 Flower Token 16 Flower Ears Hat Token 14 Magic 7,600 2h Gems2, Experience20
Level 7 Autumn Leaves Token 30 Flower Token 20 Flower Ears Hat Token 18 Magic 9,900 4h Gems3, Experience23
Level 8 Autumn Leaves Token 35 Flower Token 25 Flower Ears Hat Token 23 Magic 12,850 8h Gems3, Experience26
Level 9 Autumn Leaves Token 40 Flower Token 35 Flower Ears Hat Token 28 Magic 16,700 16h Gems3, Experience29
Level 10 Autumn Leaves Token 50 Flower Token 45 Flower Ears Hat Token 40 Magic 21,700 24h Gems5, Experience30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Activity with Visual Animation Hibernation Preparation 60m Experience7, Magic40 Autumn Leaves Token
2 Looking for Food
* The Meadow
2h Experience10, Magic75 Thumper Ears Hat Token Bambi Ears Hat Token
3 Playing in the Meadow
* The Meadow
Lvl 2
2h Experience13, Magic100
3 Take a Long Nap
* Forest Ice Rink
4h Experience13, Magic110
4 Activity with Visual Animation A Flower
* The Meadow
Lvl 3
4h Experience17, Magic150
8 Exploring Fallen Logs
* Forest Ice Rink
Lvl 8
4h Experience17, Magic150
6 Exploring the Meadow
* The Meadow
Lvl 4
6h Experience20, Magic210 Tia Dalma Ears Hat Token
5 Talk about Hibernation
* Forest Ice Rink
Lvl 5
8h Experience25, Magic270
10 Talking about Flowers
* The Meadow
Lvl 9
24h Experience57, Magic500

Flower Storyline

Side Quest Down for the Count (4h)
Side Quest Flower's Bed (8h)
Side Quest Company's Coming! (8h)
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