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Character Dialogue
Elastigirl All right, kids: time to spread out and find your father. You two re-check the house, and I'll search the city.
Violet Sure thing, Mom. But... um... what are we supposed to do with all the robots?
Dash What do you think? We're Supers. We stop them! Betcha I can find Dad before you do!

Finding Mr. Incredible

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Elastigirl to search the Kingdom.
"Search the Kingdom"
4h Incredibles Currency25
Level 3
Send Dash and Violet to search their home.[1]
"Search at Home"
Level 2
Cannon Bots Tap on 75 Cannon bots! (x75)
Spawn rate: 10 every 60 minutes
Instant [2]
  1. Requires The Incredibles House
  2. Although the character activities is Instant, the complete quest duration is 7h because of the Cannon Bots spawn rate.
Character Dialogue
Elastigirl Well, he's definitely not in the house...
Dash He's not in the yard, either.
Violet And I couldn't find him anywhere I looked...
Elastigirl Oh, I hope he's okay...