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Character Dialogue
Fire Spirit Skrrr... *squeak!*
Anna Whoa! You're, uh, REALLY fast for having such small legs. Are salamanders generally this fast?
Anna I think you understand me. Or... maybe I'm just losing my mind. That checks out, too.
Anna Maybe we could-- Wait! Where're you going?

Fiery Friend[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Fire Spirit
Level 1
Send the Fire Spirit to search for Elsa.
"Search for Elsa"
2h Experience10, Arendelle Shields/201675
Character Dialogue
Fire Spirit Skreek...?
Anna Were you looking for her? She's probably hanging out with Honeymaren, or, I dunno, getting into mortal danger...
Anna *sigh* ... That came out wrong. I know Elsa's figuring out all this stuff about herself, and that's really good...
Anna I just wish she'd include ME a little more. Maybe that's selfish...
Anna Uh. Why are you looking at me like that? Do you... want to be friends, maybe? Or do you just have something in your eye?
Fire Spirit Skrak!
Fire Spirit Mrr...