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Character Dialogue
Zurg I'm tired of this planet and its never-ending JOY! From now on, there's a NEW Emperor in charge!
Buzz Lightyear Zurg, wait. Before you start trying to blast the place apart, causing irreparable damage...
Buzz Lightyear Have you ever considered blasting things in a video game? You can cause utter destruction in a safe, fictional environment.
Zurg QUIET, Space Ranger! How DARE you assume I'll settle for anything less than domination of the galaxy?!
Zurg Yet... this video game you speak of sounds like it might be valuable as practice for the future. Take me to it.

Feed the Anger[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Zurg to play a video game.
"Play a Game"
8h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Zurg That was quite satisfying. Not since I invaded Sector 11 in the Delta Quadrant have I destroyed so much in so little time.
Zurg I shall have to return to this video game in the future.
Zurg This isn't over, Buzz Lightyear! I will rule this entire galaxy. It is just a matter of time.