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Character Dialogue
Roo There you are, Mama! I was just coming home, but then Pooh Bear was stuck in a tree, and Rabbit's vase was--
Kanga Roo! Oh goodness -- I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you, dear!
Kanga Whatever stories you have to tell me can wait -- first, I've been saving up a hug for you all day!
Roo Haha! Okay, Mama -- I missed you, too!

Family Reunion[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Kanga and Roo to share a hug.
"Share a Hug"
6h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Kanga ... Now, the next time you stay out playing for so long, you either tell Christopher Robin or take somebody with you, all right?
Roo Yes, Mama. I'll take Tigger next time... he's REALLY easy to find!
Roo Oh, but I found somebody else today, Mama! I could only see part of him, but--
Kanga Was it Pooh Bear?
Roo ...Aw. How'd you guess?
Kanga Sometimes, a mother just knows, dear.