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Character Dialogue
Aladdin I know Abu means well, but we don't need to steal anymore. He's gotta get out of the habit of just TAKING things.
Aladdin Well, if NEITHER of us can go to the marketplace, that leaves Jasmine. And Abu can get a little jealous of her sometimes.
Aladdin I gotta think of some way to let him down easy... but what?

Failure to Communicate[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Aladdin to think over the Abu situation.
"Think Over the Situation"
2h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Aladdin There you are, Abu! I've been looking for you... there's something I want to talk with you about. See--
Abu Princess... ???
Aladdin Yeah, it's about Jasmine.
Abu *SIGH*
Aladdin She's... Well, she's really important to me. But that doesn't mean you aren't important, too! You'll always be my best friend.
Abu Okay...
Aladdin So we're good? ... Great! I'll track down Jasmine. Thanks for understanding, buddy!
Aladdin Ya know, planning this party'll be the perfect way for Abu and Jasmine to get to know each other.