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Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling Peter, you simply must tell the Lost Boys that story!
Wendy Darling I'm sure they were a part of it. And I know they'd love to hear it. I'll even help you. Now, where are they?
Peter Pan That's just the thing, Wendy. I don't know. I was gonna tell 'em, honest. Problem is, I can't find 'em.
Peter Pan But I bet with your help, I can. C'mon! Here we gooooooooo!
Wendy Darling Peter! Wait for me!!!

FOUND Boys?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Peter Pan
Level 2
Send Peter Pan to try to find the Lost Boys.
"Find the Lost Boys"
4h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Peter Pan Ssh! be verrry quiet... I'm tracking them by scent!
Peter Pan The Lost Boys hate bath time, so it's pretty easy.
Peter Pan They'd be easy for the pirates to find, too, if the pirates didn't smell even worse than they do!