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Character Dialogue
Ralph A VIRUS?! They have those at Litwak's... They completely break whatever game they're in! This is awful...
Spamley Yeah... Uh... Suddenly, the whole "this game has a bizillion new pop-ups in it all of a sudden" thing kinda makes more sense.
Spamley It must be a pretty bad bug, if it's loused up the place's security settings this bad...
Ralph And Vanellope's glitchy already... She could get hurt! Okay, okay... uh... new plan, Spamley: Both of us look for her harder!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send "Ralph.fxit" to "Task.Look.Harder."
8h Experience5, Hearts50
Character Dialogue
Ralph ... Nothing! Ohh, this is bad... This is the first time ever I think I've wanted my name to be Find-It Ralph...
Ralph Or... uh... Find-Vanellope Ralph. Or... you know what, it doesn't matter! She isn't anywhere I looked!
Ralph Of course, looking would've been a whole lot easier if I hadn't kept having to scare off that virus every couple minutes...
Ralph It's like that thing's in a hundred places at once! Or maybe like... if there were more than ONE of...
Ralph ... Wait. Ohhhh, no...