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FAQ Summary
FAQ Summary
Disney Magic Kingdoms Frequently Asked Questions

This page list all questions raised by kingdomers from communities, it may be duplicated with the item included in the support.gameloft.com, but we try to provide details steps for that, and hope may be helpful for kingdomers to reference.

How to raise forms to Support Team?

Kingdomers may encounter some issues or abnormal scenarios in their devices, so they need to contact the Support Team for help, however, currently Support Team only accept the request raised by forms. Follow the below steps to raise a form to the Support Team:

  1. Login "Disney Magic Kingdoms", click the Options icon on the right top corner.
  2. Click Customer Care button at the bottom, it will navigate to a new page in your cellphone's browser.
  3. The page will lead you to the site support.gameloft.com.
  4. if you are the first time to visit this site, then you may need to register an account for tracking your tickets/forms. (Skip to Step #7 directly if you already have an account)
  5. Click the Profile icon on the top right of the page, and click Sign up
  6. Fill in the mandatory fields(you need to provide an email for receiving notifications) before clicking the SIGN-UP button to complete the registration.
  7. Then click Sign in to sign in.
  8. Scroll down to the bottom, and click the link I didn't find an answer to my question, then click Contact US button.
  9. The page refreshes and navigates you to the form page, in which you need to fill in all the entry within this page, providing all necessary information, which would be helpful for the Support Team's analysis to target the root cause of your issue and help resolve.
    • Issues
    • Sub-issues
    • Other entry based on the issue.
  10. Click the SUBMIT button.
  11. You will receive a notification email containing the Form ID# of the request you have just raised, and the Support Team will be working on it and keep you informed by replying to that email.
  12. By the way, from this point, you can wait for the Support Team's feedback by checking your email timely, or you can also try to contact the local Support Center by directly dialing the H'otline'. And provide the Form ID# to the call center and ask them to help you follow on it based on the urgency, e.g. purchase-related issue (Ignore below and skip to Step #17 if it is not urgent.)
  13. To contact the local hotline, go back to the game and click the Options icon on the right top corner.
  14. Click the More button at the bottom.
  15. Click the Go button on the right side of the Contact Section.
  16. The page provides a Hotline list for all the countries, find your local hotline and dial it as mentioned in Step #12
  17. Wait for your issue to be resolved and follow up on your emails for the tracking status.

Cannot update the game

As a solution for this issue, we suggest that you turn off the Storage permission manually in the application settings. For that, please go to Settings -> Apps -> Kingdoms -> Permissions, then turn off the Storage permission and relaunch the game. If this didn't help, please uninstall and reinstall the game from Google Play after connecting your game to a social network beforehand, in order to not lose your progress after reinstallation.

I no longer seem to be able to play in fullscreen mode. There is no option to do so!

We are aware of this issue. The fix should be ready with the release of the next update. However, there’s a workaround: Press Shift + Windows + Enter at the same time. This will enable fullscreen mode.

How can I change my username?

Unfortunately, the game doesn't have the option to change your username. It takes your username from the first social network account you log in with.

Why can't I connect to any social networks via the game?

Please be aware that we have introduced the Age Confirmation screen as part of a new regulations policy in all countries. This new policy involves removing all social network connections and other features that might disclose players' real names or other personal information. These regulations have been set up to protect children under 13 years old from unwanted social interactions. Note that these new restrictions also apply to promo offers, which will be unavailable to you.

The shadows are gone from my game, and I can no longer zoom out as far as I previously could.

Please rest assured that these changes were intended to optimize the gameplay for your devices. We appreciate your understanding.

What is the Sleep Schedule?

The Sleep Schedule is a quality-of-life option that stops push notifications from being sent during the standard "sleep schedule" hours. This feature will use your device's clock, so please make sure they are both in sync to get the intended result.

What are the chests that are appearing in my Kingdom?

The chests appearing in your Kingdom are called Enchanted Chests. The different chests that you can find are: Bronze Chests, Decoration Chests, Resource Chests and Concession Chests. Enchanted Chests are hidden and full of rewards, so be sure to search your Kingdom for them!

What are the bubbles floating above each chest?

The bubbles represent the possible rewards that you can get from the chests. The bubble's border color indicates the rarity of each reward that's displayed. There are 5 levels of rarity: Common (Common), Uncommon (Uncommon), Rare (Rare), Epic (Epic) & Legendary (Legendary). You can tap on the bubbles to see a full list of possible rewards.

I missed a limited-time event. Did I lose my chance to access that content?

Although limited-time event quest lines are unique, you can look forward to the characters and attractions making a comeback in Legendary Chests! Legendary Chests become available frequently so stay tuned!

What is the "Busy Character Finder" feature?

The "Busy Character Finder" feature helps you easily find characters that are performing an activity. From this screen, you can be redirected to a busy character's location in the kingdom, skip single activities, or skip all activities. You can open this screen by tapping the blue icon (Busy Character Finder) to the right of the Action Finder.

What is the "Turn Off Individual Confirmation" pop-up for?

When this option is toggled on, it will allow you to skip individual activities without having to go through the confirmation pop-up each time you skip. This option will be off by default every time you launch the game.

What is the Character Limit feature in my Kingdom?

The Kingdom's Character Limit feature limits the number of characters that can be wandering, performing activities or participating in events in the Kingdom. If the limit is exceeded, the Kingdom will still continue to operate normally, except that you won't be able to Welcome or level up any characters, characters won't be able to participate in any Tower Challenges, and you won't be able to complete any Main Storyline quests or activities that are already in progress.

California Screamin' Thrill Level is not going up even though I fulfilled the requirements

In order to increase the California Screamin' Thrill Level, the required Decorations and Attractions must be placed in the California Screamin' Zone, and they should stay in that area. Once they are removed/replaced/stored, the level progress might be affected. Also, please note that the "Attractions" requests can be fulfilled by having unique Attractions with at least 1 enchantment in the California Screamin' Zone.

Why didn't some of my buildings get stored when I used "Store All"?

Buildings that have characters doing an activity inside, or buildings that are affected by Maleficent's curse, cannot be stored and will be left in the Kingdom when you use "Store All."

Where can I see all of the Enchantment Tokens I've received so far?

To see all of your Enchantment Tokens, even ones not needed for your buildings' next Enchantment tier, first go to the Buildings Shop. Tap on the new "Enchantment Tokens" icon at the top of the screen to see how many of each Token you currently have.

What does the purple icon in the top right of Attraction cards in the Shop mean?

This little icon (Attraction Enchantment) means that you already have everything you need to upgrade the attraction to the next level (Collection Tokens, Relics, Blueprints and Magic)!