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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen Ashidanza... No more Shadow Man, no more evil spirits... and you didn't even have to sell a LITTLE bit of your soul!
Prince Naveen I'm not sure I need to tell you, my darling -- but you are VERY good at this.
Tiana Heh... Thank you, Naveen! Honestly, even being near those things made me feel a little crawly...
Tiana ... But there's nothing in this world -- or any other -- that could tempt me away from the people I love. Them least of all!
Tiana Speaking of which... I think, after all we've been through, we all deserve a masquerade ball to remember. Don't you?

Eye on the Ball[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Tiana and Naveen to finalize their party plans.
"Finalize Party Plans"
4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Prince Naveen
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Tiana Okay! Set list is done, menu is done, costumes are done... You're looking sharp tonight, by the way!
Prince Naveen Likewise! One question: Why does Mama Odie have an extra chair on this seating chart? I didn't know she was bringing a guest...
Tiana Ha! That's for Juju. You know that snake has his own dietary restrictions?
Tiana Still -- anything for a friend! Now: Let's get this party started, shall we?