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Expand the Kingdom
Expand the Kingdom
Started by Merlin and Mickey Mouse throughout the game, Expand the Kingdom clears the Curse!

Complete Quests and Collect Magic!

  • Cursed Areas can be unlocked by completing quests. Make sure to collect as much Magic as possible to help clear more of the curse.

Remove Cursed Areas with Magic!

  • When enough Magic has been collected, it can be spent on clearing other Cursed Areas and expanding your Kingdom! Since 101 Dalmatians Event Update on 24th August 2021, wait times can be reduced simply by watching advertisements! Skippable timers will be available for all Cursed Areas that are four (4) hours in length or longer. When a timer is skippable, an ad icon will appear next to the skip button. Also, with every ad you watch, you'll have the opportunity to skip up to 30 minutes!

Place Attractions to Earn Magic!

  • Once a Cursed Area has been removed, more Attractions can be placed, allowing you to earn even more rewards!

Unlock Optional Land!

  • To unlock an Optional Land, clear the Curse from the surrounding areas!

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