Character Dialogue
C-3PO Oh, dear... I can only assume that this PARTICULAR portion of the records was erroneously dated. The chronology alone...
C-3PO Well... I will refrain from editorializing, and present the data as entered. But I will not be responsible for the consequences!

Enter the Ugnaught

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Kuiil and Mando to discuss the plan.
"Discuss the Plan"
6h Experience10, Galactic Credits75
The Mandalorian
Level 1
Character Dialogue
The Mandalorian ... You're sure I can't offer you any payment, once this is over? For the blurrg, at least.
Kuiil I cannot accept. That winged beast was not your doing. And if the Child is safe, that is reward enough.
The Mandalorian I understand. Then... maybe we'll return to Arvala-7 someday. So you can tell the little one the story of what you did for it.
Kuiil I would be honored to receive you. Perhaps by then, it will be grown enough to ride a blurrg, as you learned to...
Kuiil ... And perhaps it will not be so easily bucked.


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