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Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear You're not hurting anyone today, Zurg!
Zurg That's what you think, Buzz Lightyear! Ah-ha-ha-ha!
Buzz Lightyear Well, if you want a fight, then it's a fight you'll get. Prepare to meet the blaster of justice!

Enemy in My Midst[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Buzz Lightyear
Level 1
Send Buzz to confront Zurg.[1]
"Confront Zurg"
6h Experience30, Magic200
  1. Requires Astro Orbiters
Character Dialogue
Jessie Buzz! Are you all right? That Zurg wasn't playing fair. He hit you too hard!
Buzz Lightyear ...
Jessie Buzz... Buzz... Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!
Jessie We gotta fix him before Zurg comes back!
Jessie I gotta find Woody and tell him what happened!