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Elsa's Ice Palace is an attraction released with Frozen Event Update on 7th December 2016.


Elsa's Ice Palace was created by Elsa the Snow Queen in the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen, during the sequence of "Let It Go" on the North Mountain.

This palace was where she was supposed to live in isolation in order to protect people from her so that she can be safe from getting into trouble.

The menacing snowman and Elsa's personal guard, Marshmallow and the snowgies, live in the palace after Elsa vacated it.



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards
Building FREE (Frozen Legendary Chests)
Instant Lute (Kristoff) Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token20 Frozen Relic Token15 Snowflake Token10 Magic2,000 2h Arendelle Medallion Token Magic+8
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token15 Frozen Relic Token30 Snowflake Token20 Magic5,000 4h Sven Ears Hat Token Magic+11
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token10 Frozen Relic Token60 Snowflake Token30 Magic15,000 8h Hans Ears Hat Token Magic+15
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token7 Frozen Relic Token120 Snowflake Token40 Magic50,000 12h Short Sword Token Magic+19
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token5 Frozen Relic Token250 Snowflake Token50 Magic150,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token Magic+22

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 9
Visit Marshmallow
* Elsa's Ice Palace
8h Experience20, Magic200 Michael's Bear Token
Level 8
Investigate Elsa's Palace
* Elsa's Ice Palace
8h Experience20, Magic200 Ryder's Reindeer Rope Token
Level 6
Visiting the Ice Palace
* Elsa's Ice Palace
12h Experience29, Magic275 Nala Ears Hat Token
Level 7
Admire the Ice
* Elsa's Ice Palace
12h Experience29, Magic275 Honeymaren's Staff Token

Winter Wonders Event 2016
Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards
Building Arendelle Shields20,000 8h