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Elizabeth Ears Hat Token is an epic token used to welcome and/or level up Elizabeth Swann.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Jack Sparrow
Level 2
Activity with Visual Animation Live the Pirate's Life
* Tortuga Tavern
2h Experience10, Magic75 King Louie Ears Hat Token Ercole Ears Hat Token Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token
Bo Peep
Level 2
Check Al's Toy Barn
* Al's Toy Barn
2h Experience10, Magic75 Jessie Ears Hat Token Sally Ears Hat Token Great Stone Dragon Token
Will Turner
Level 2
Practice Social Skills
* Tortuga Tavern
4h Experience13, Magic110 Captain Hook Ears Hat Token Jack's Bowtie Token Ercole's Sandwich Token
Stromboli Ears Hat Token
Other Source
Silver Chest Silver Chest
* Special Chance Only
Instant x1
Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant x1
The Kraken
Ench. Level 3
The Kraken: Tossing Barrels 4h Experience12, Magic92 Feathered Hat and Sword Token Will Ears Hat Token Hat and Sword Token
Sea Serpent Swing
Ench. Level 1
Sea Serpent Swing: Swinging for Fun 6h Experience12, Magic109 Jack Ears Hat Token
Tortuga Tavern
Ench. Level 4
Tortuga Tavern: Preparing the Grog Happiness 8h Experience16, Magic129 Magic Compass Token Feathered Hat and Sword Token Hat and Sword Token
Will Ears Hat Token