Character Dialogue
C-3PO ... Oh dear. I'm afraid I have no head whatsoever for the particulars of interstellar combat -- even as a spectator.
Leia Organa It's all right, Threepio -- I'll do my best to talk you through it. Just stay calm, and--
C-3PO ... I BEG YOUR PARDON. Did Master Luke just say he was "a little cooked"? What grotesque turn of phrase is THAT?! Oh, Artoo...

Eight Minutes...

Character Activities Time Rewards
Darth Vader Send Luke to make an attack run.
4h[1] Experience5, Galactic Credits50

Character Activities Time Rewards
TIE Fighter Pilot
Level 1
Launch His Fighter 60m Experience7, Galactic Credits10
Leia Organa
Level 4
Follow the Battle 2h Experience10, Galactic Credits17
Luke Skywalker
Level 5
Make an Attack Run[2] 2h Experience10, Galactic Credits17

Character Dialogue
Leia Organa Looks like they've already scrambled fighters... Not unexpected, but this is when things get... tricky.
C-3PO "Tricky"? What precisely do you mean by THAT?
Leia Organa It means that we'll have to trust Luke, Artoo, and their wingmates to keep the TIEs busy while Gold Squadron makes their run.
C-3PO Gold Squadron... Ah, yes -- those are the Y-wing bombers, correct? The ones tasked with firing on the exhaust port...
Leia Organa Right. They'll pull through... If I remember right, one of their pilots is Alderaanian, and we don't give up so easi--
C-3PO By the Maker--! Artoo and Master Luke have been hit!!!
Leia Organa Luke...!


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