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Character Dialogue
Sina Now that I think about it, it HAS been about a year since our last New Year's celebration... though it's a little hard to tell.
Sina The constellations in this place are... strange. (I'm almost sure that one of the stars has been flying around the sky!)
Sina Well, even if those nine stars haven't quite risen yet... why don't we have a little unofficial celebration of our own?
Sina On some islands, the New Year's season lasts for four whole months -- so there's a good chance now is the right time anyway!

Early Start[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sina to prepare at Homecoming.[1]
"Prepare at Homecoming"
6h Experience10, Sand Dollars75
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui ... Well, I think it's a wonderful idea, Sina! Our people have been voyaging for a long time to get here, after all...
Chief Tui Now that we're settled again for the moment, we should take this opportunity to reflect on where we came from.
Sina Yes! And everything we'll need is right here in the meeting house... and before you ask, that DOES include your old javelin set.
Chief Tui Ha! Well, I wasn't going to -- but now that you have, I just MIGHT be tempted to compete again!
Sina Haha! My husband, the marksman... Just try not to throw your back out this time, okay?