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Character Dialogue
Poe All right, buddy. I got bad news, and I got worse news: Hux is here, and he's got a swarm of droids out looking for us.
Finn Wow... You're right, that's... uh... not good. If there's two of us and that many of them... what's our play, do you think?
Poe Not "sneak into their base and hope for the best," looks like... those droids would sniff us out before we even got close.
Poe We'll have to take 'em out one by one so Hux won't have eyes on us -- then take it from there. Sound good?


Character Activity Time Rewards
Interrogation Droids Scrap Interrogation Droids! (x4)
"Spawn Rate: 4 every 4 hours"
8m Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 1
Finn: Scrap an Interrogation Droid 2m Experience 2, Galactic Credits/2019 10
Level 1
Poe: Scrap an Interrogation Droid 2m Experience 2, Galactic Credits/2019 10

Character Dialogue
Finn WHOO! Take that, you rustbuckets! I am REALLY fired up right now... What's the rest of the plan, Poe? I'm READY!
Poe Yeah... Rest of the plan is, Hux definitely knows we're here now, because who ELSE would've been scrapping all his droids...
Poe ...So the only move we've got now is fighting him directly.
Finn ... ... What.
Finn Poe... Don't take this the wrong way, but next time, TELL ME THE WHOLE PLAN UP FRONT.