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Character Dialogue
Hiro The good news is, if that hive mind IS based off my microbot code, Yokai's mask should still act as a control unit.
Honey Lemon ... Which means if we can deactivate the mask, we can deactivate the hive mind! Good thinking, Hiro!
Hiro Don't thank me yet... but yeah. I'm gonna upgrade our suits to send out a localized EMP if we get close enough to him.
Hiro Fingers crossed, it'll turn his mask off... but if there's any last-minute prep you and Wasabi wanna do in case, now's the time.

Down to the Wire[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Honey Lemon
Level 5
Send Honey Lemon to refine her chem-balls.
"Refine Her Chem-Balls"
6h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Level 3
Send Wasabi to refine his arm blades.
"Refine His Arm Blades"
Level 4
Send Hiro to run a software upgrade at the Café.[1]
"Run a Software Upgrade"
  1. Requires Lucky Cat Café
Character Dialogue
Hiro That should do it on my end... How're you holding up, Wasabi?
Wasabi Oh, you know... anxious? Panicky? Filled with existential dread at the prospect of robots rising up and taking over the world?
Wasabi So... yeah. Pretty much the usual for me. Thanks for asking, though!
Hiro You're... uh... you're welcome! I guess.